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What Are the Benefits of Slimmer Belts? Kay Ireland Commercials for slimmer belts are often shown on late night television, advertising a way to lose weight with little to no effort at all. While there is little official information proving that a slimming belt can actually help you lose weight, it may create a placebo effect.

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Slimming belts are designed to help increase weight loss in this area. Most of these belts are designed to encourage increased perspiration around the stomach and waist. This is often achieved through the use of an adjustable slimming belt made from a neoprene fabric that traps body heat while compressing fat cells.

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Home / Ab Toner Reviews / Slimmer Belt Review. Slimmer Belt Review - 11 Things You Need to Know. By Summer Banks FNS, SPT - Updated Dec 19, 2018. User Comments; There is no evidence supporting the claims of magnetic slimming belt proponents, although the belts may provide a placebo effect for true believers.